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News Updated 11/02/14

Nov/02/2014--Back in action!

Sorry for the long period of inactivity, but I'm happy to say this archive is back in action! Updates of several different flavors to begin again VERY soon! 

May/20/2014 -- UPDATE! TONS of videos added!:

- All DNGblocked Videos have been added.

- Some of the GracefulExit videos have neen addded, but there was an error, so a few more have yet to be properly uploaded.

- All NoncommercialAlterna videos have been added.

- 154 Documents74 Stickam videos were added today!


May/19/2014 -- UPDATE! Howdy! Here is what was updates today:

- All BuySomeBrains Videos have been added.

- All DoOverTube video have been added.

- All EvilOOgle videos have been added.

- GaNooze Channel video has been added.

- All IrVoting Videos have been added.

- All TobaccoTaxTyranny Videos have been added.

- Links section has been updated for the first time.

- Also uploaded today are 32 otherwise long lost BlogTV videos, that were erased when BlogTV went down, but I managed to save them in time ; ) BlogTV Videos


May/15/2014 -- FIRST UPDATE!! Hey there everyone! I will be using this 'News' section as sort of a blog style thing for now, until I can think of a better way, just giving quick little updates on what's new, and whats just been added to the site! Been having some awful issues trying to add items to the archive for DAYS & DAYS now, but today it finnaly decided to start working, oh happy day... The site is butt ugly at the moment, and I apologies for that - this may either nessesitate getting fancy with designing, or chaging the template theme - I'll keep you guys updated. For now, here is whats been added:

- The full list of collections has been added! Click the section called Browse All Inmendham Video/Audio Collections to see all the diferent collections of videos that will soon be added!

- All of the All4VR videos have been added! All videos from the original channel are now archived - next step is to add all the info, tags and other shit like that.

- All of the BestIdeaContest videos have been added! Information entry stuff to come soon.

- The one and only EcigBS video has been added! Info entry stuff to come.