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Published on Youtube on Mar 11, 2015
Air dates for episode #8: Virtual Reality - (Channel 19 Chicago.)
April 21 at 7:30pm
April 22 at 2:30pm
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(Gary strolls through a winter snowscape..barren, bleak and frosty.)

Ah, Vloggerdome - alright. The virtual reality edition, now maybe from some different environments just to emphasize the point.
Obviously this reality could probably use some perking up. You know, some fixing to suit me. I'd rather it be something else, the reality. This - it's a little cold and sharp, and nasty. But that's r-e-a-l-i-ty. REALITY. We don't weed. We don't clean it up. We just have to accept it for what it is. And the idea is that maybe we would be better off; maybe it's inevitable, if we're to retain civilization, that we would refine our reality - augment it all the way
Yes we can always augment it by having hair implants and other things implanted. You know we can "trans-human". We can modify the parts and most people seem comfortable enough with that. You know, go ahead. Have some surgery. You know, keep yourself going.
Alter the reality. Transcend Reality. Fake it. Apply some synthetic parts to the game, synthetic isn' know people seem to have a rule. You know they have their own perception of when the synthetic has gone too far, and when you've somehow offended God or Nature attempting to synthesize a better existence.

And then the bigger philosophical subject, I think is just more about whether, again this is an inevitable transition. If your going to retain a complex, sophisticated society - civilization. That you're just inevitably going to straighten the line, between the entertainment of your psychology and what kind of material reality is required to do that. And if you can run your happiness on a nine volt battery, full of I-Pod fantasies, video games - that would be, inevitably the course of things.

There is always the simplest argument too, for the naysayers about virtual reality is that a synthetic reality could be this - it could create this in my head (points to barren snowy field) . Synthetic realities don't have to be good, or even expansive in terms of - if I try to fly - no I can't fly in this reality, gravity keeps me down. Whereas in a synthetic reality, yes I could fly - I could have the whole "Neo" experience with the Matrix and you know we can't do that in reality. But Virtual Reality can do both. Virtual reality can provide the option of a "I can fly reality", or I can do almost anything. I can be anything. I can be everything. I can be everything at once - or it can create "this" - (points to the snow field.) Yes - "this" reality. You could even give me a job and force me to do things and give me diseases and all that - you could do all that. But who would choose that right? Yes, nobody rational. Ah, so anyway - probably enough for this instalment and we'll migrate to a different enviroment - IN REALITY...but most of my real environments are not very real - you know they're kind of synthetic. That's sort of the joke of it, in the sense that you're probably living in a synthetic reality in the sense that you have, you have perceptions of reality that aren't real. I mean, they're not true. They're fake. Perceptions. Especially if you're religious or some other kind of thing. You have a notion of reality that's just wrong and therefore it might as well be virtual. It might as well be synthetic, because it's not...the real thing - like Coke. Anyway....till almost instantaneously from now.

7:57 - (Gary is indoors)

Well I'm back in a completely different environment. Ah- nice and quiet anyway...but anyway reality transitions are tough right?
So yeh, you do have a little bit of that shock when you move from one reality to another - hmm - spiderwebs (Notices webs on wall)
anyway, so I guess let's just go with some of these basic arguments. I would argue that virtual reality, that if there is going to be a human civilization a thousand years from now, it'll have to be migrated into some sort of virtual reality. These people are just incapable of accepting each other's "offensiveness". We offend each other with our philosophies and our psychologies. From what we demand from each other. I just don't think the religions of the world can get along at any point in their history and they won't do it in the future either. And even the philosophical disagreements between the capitalist and the socialist, and all that kind of stuff. All that stuff is going to lead to inevitable tensions and technology is not going to allow those tensions to be benign.

They're going to be turned into something quite destructive. So you are all kind of doomed. So the feasability argument, I don't think is anything too complicated. Some people just don't think it's possible. You know obviously your brain goes into a suspended reality every night when you dream. If you know what a dream is, if you had them. You know they're quite real, especially in how they feel. And, you know in a synthesis, it seems do-able that they could make technology, the technology people, could likely make your dreams more rich visually as well, they really don't need any augmentation seem emotionally coherent, it's just the reality is sometimes a little bit fuzzy - indistinct visually. So in that sense it seems do-able because your brain does it all the time. It creates fantasies all the time, you can turn those on any time you want to. You can start writing a story and playing out a theme inside your brain. You can close your eyes and leave your reality and vacation somewhere.

You can do lots of different things with your imagination. So clearly the brain has already got the structure - its just stimulating those pieces of nuerology. But beyond that it's fooling the senses..just duplicating the senses doesn't seem all that impossible either. To create some sort of synthetic nerve implant which would replace your visual eye-balls with a synthetic viewscreen and then just have that oriented to your inner ear; you know your orientation to gravity and all that... These are all just sensors...the sensors to your physical body. It's easy to imagine them being re-designed and re-manufactured - and stimulated in a different way that would all be part of the creation of your virtual or synthetic experience of life. Not unlike your synthetic experiences now.

The synthetic experience of listening to music or watching a movie. Or again just even fantasizing. These things all take place where your focus, the orientation of your consciousness drifts into the media - the MEDIUM. Wether it be visual or audio or whatever. Your consciousness tends to want to meld, to mix with the media. I don't think the feasablitity is a...I think it's quite do-able in the next couple of hundred years, easily. Even full immersion virtual reality which would mean you're basically just a brain. Your body is kept alive mechanically and you just experience life as a consciuosness and not as a physical thing walking through environments. Instead, you're a consciousness that has environments pass through you. And again, so the only real argument is "Is it necessary and frankly is it preferable?"

I think the argument would be that it would be preferable because you would have more choices. So automatically, it's an enhancement of existence, and again it could duplicate this mould spotted wall. It could duplicate the cold floor. It could duplicate this environemt. It could duplicate a prison cell and it could put you in it, but it could also do things much more pleasant to imagine than that. And that would be obviously the sensible thing to do. To take the weeds out of reality. It's all it really is. Virtual reality or synthetic reality is essentially a weed puller. It allows you to pull all of the weeds out of reality, and to make it a very safe place to walk barefoot. You clean. It's an air filter. It's nothing but an enhancement. It doesn't have to degrade any substantive part of your conscious experience. It can enhance entirely.

But people again don't like it because of this idea or concept of "Unnaturalness". You know, because they have a religion.
You know, the God of some sort of trek we make through the world as if animals need to viscerally be consumed by the environment or at least have some obligation to serve the billions of years of evolution. That somehow we all have an obligation to live and die as bugs at the altar of their God of Nature. Then of course there is the more overtly or conventional religious types who would find it an offence to God's design - that we would find a better way to live, free of the necessity of a God for certain. We would no longer need his mercy, or his good fortune, because our existence would be, not only by choice of will but by choice of and by control of our own capacity to clean it up. We wouldn't need to beg a God for a better life. We could just merely be entitled to it. Really just hit the button - you know. "Give me everything and let me have it all".

Yah - we wouldn't have to bargain for that. Um anyway - So enough of this segment - Until, I will be back, from someplace else - hopefully warmer - it's awfully cold here.

16:05 - Gary returns - Interior

I'm back - yeh - Virtual reality is maybe a fail-safe environment, I guess that's something that to keep explaining or pushing on is the fact that as people, we are just too offendable and we also want things sometimes that aren't practical and require somebody else's sacrifice. Or somebody else to be sacrificed, the other things to be sacraficed and all that can be just synthesized. You don't have to eat real meat in virtual reality. You know the whole Matrix syndrome? Do you think that is air you are breathing?

You don't have to consume anything real. Theoretically you could just consume a story. Consume a piece of celluloid without the celluloid. You could live any kind of fantasy. Live in any movie you heard. Live in any story you ever heard Be any character you ever want to be. Break all the rules of physics and do it all in some kind of environment where there are no real victims.
You don't really hurt anything real. Certainly people could choose to have a virtual reality where they live with other real consciousnesses in some shared reality, like the Matrix sort of was, but there's no obligation to do that. There's no obligation to live with others you can hurt, or choose to be inter-acted with people in that manner. It all can just be synthesized. Everything we do is mechanical. I mean, this argument, this video, whatever this is. This show is just a synthesis of an argument. It has a purpose in terms of presenting the subjects, and trying to do it in a manner ( we're not trying very hard - obviously).

We've got to do some work on the trying thing, but obviously trying to create or put it into a format that's going to be confortable. That's going to slide into your consciousness without it being obnoxious, or irritating, or redundant or boring or some other stupid thing that it's going to be. But that's all just syntheisizing a recipe. It's all just formula. Certainly we could do the formula better, and in the future we probably will. But isn't that just more manipulation then?

So here, that's reality. Reality is a constant stream of manipulation, a constant stream of symbols and gestures and icons. And whether they be celebrities, the Coke can, the image. You're just bombarded by an existence and a reality that's all just very superficial. And you know they say. It would be a crime to leave that world for a world that doesn't have any interest in it except the interest of your consciousness. Exploring, tasting and touching and sensing and feeling. Loving and doing all of that stuff in a world where you can do it without failure. Without death. Without dread. Without the heartbreak of just not being able to pull it off. About not being good enough. Being too short. All the limitations, all these physical limitations are taken away and you're allowed to live as powerful as you need to be, you know what I mean?

It really just doesn't - you can always up the level of the play. You can always just increase your, as the skills necessarily increase, you can increase how high that you can jump. You can change the numbers, just tweak the game and you can play the game as someone who knows they're playing a game and just enjoy it for the game. Or you can be immersed in it entirely - think it's the whole suspension of disbelief that we do every night when we dream. We enter realities that have nothing to do with our day to day reality and the brain doesn't reject them. It doesn't say no this isn't real, because this isn't where I live. This isn't how I live. It accepts the scenario. And again there's no limitation. Virtual reality does not provide a limitation on our existence. It just creates and opens all these doors to the possibilities that are all positive.

And of course there are some naysayers that come up with these crazy theories. Like the evil people will somehow control it, and they'll control our minds. For what purpose? Create a Borg that does what? Manufactures what?

Genetically augmented wheat that nobody eats? I mean what exactly would they be using us for? They always have to come up with crazy scenarios to demonize virtual reality like the Matrix did. It came up with this preoposterous premise that machines would use human biengs, which aren't very good batteries, use human biengs as batteries which is just kind of a joke. I mean why would you create a virtual reality for human biengs when they could create a virtual reality for pigs. That's even if biological organisms were any good for creating energy, which they're not. Or converting energy, so that's the joke of it. Human biengs don't have any value.

The only thing that's interesting about us is that we do have this neurology, this capacity to live out a story and do it with these emotions, this passion and this hunger and this desire. It's about the only thing we're any good at creating, is addiction or attachment and that's what we get exploited for - is our capacity to become addicted or attached to somebody else's heroin. You know the heroin the pushers are pushing. And that's all there is. There's just pushers and addicts. So what do we lose by drifting out of this reality of exploiters and addicts. It's all win if we can do it.

We probably don't have enough time. Civilization is not going to stay together long enough to create a good virtual reality - it's going to be some tacky wanking machine, or you know with the silly headsets which are big right now. As if this is our only sense which it certainly isn't. You know it's going to take time to get the rest of it done right - done well but the efficiency again is so....if you want to have seven billion people or seven trillian people, the only way you can have all these consciousnesses doing all of this consciousnessing is to minimize how much it costs. It costs a hundred watts to run the brain. Essentially 70 or 80 watts, most of your body power goes to feeding your brain's consciousness, you're creating consciousness. You're keeping the lights on up there and interestingly though the amount of watts it would take to entertain that is probably "two" so the part that's going to be the biggest consumer of energy is going to be this biological remnant of our existence.

24:42 - Gary Interior.

Back again. So I guess there's some point in pointing out that this whole conversation about virtual reality is sort of just an argument to placate the need for existence in the first place. It's like - how do you migrate into a future where people know what we are. Once you know what we are - we're just devices seeking entertainment or just people in need of an adventure. Some notion of accomplishment and success and acquisition and having. It's all taken away anyway in the end, and most people have some conventional, fableistic, fairy tale, religious perception of reality. They think they're accomplishiong something in the service of some God's inspiration for some pawn - we're God's pawn. He likes to watch us struggle and die.

But once you get a grasp of reality you'll kind of see that virtual reality..if you're gonna be bothered having consciousnesses buzzing around ekeing out an existence you might as well have them do it in a safe environment where you can maximise their pleasure and minimize their misery. It's just logical. Maximizing pleasure and minimizing misery is logical. But of course people have a reverance for some kind of "real" game. Some sort of real contest. Let's really kill each other. Let's really defeat each other. Let's really humiliate each other. Let's do that all really.

And then the joke is they're defending that reality and every statistic points out that there are really no winners. All the celebrities die. Yeh - they all do. Nothing endures it. Nothing keeps all their parts. You're reduced to a virtual you, something much less than yourself and the end is what will be the survivor - for what? So yes, this is only placating human biengs that somehow need to cling to the idea that consciousness is doing something meritorious, besides just feeding needs contrived by a molecule to keep us playing a silly game of chase and grab and take and consume, reproduce in some sort of addictive manner. That just leads to a kind of cannibalism - and that's their God, thats their totem pole.

So even virtual reality as a subject is always going to have to be understood in a context that it would be a completely different conversation, if you didn't have to have that conversation with a vast majority of people who can't step outside of their own conscious ownership in the fact that they're owned by their nature. They're owned by their culture. They're owned by their traditions. They can't step out of any of that stuff. I'd say that the intelligent conversation regarding virtual reality would been acknowledgement that "Well look - we can do this then". But frankly, if we ever get to a point in human evolution where we are civilized enough to provide virtual reality in a nice honest, fair and free way - you know just for the benefit of consciousness. You know like landing on the moon or something, you land on virtual reality just because it's there to do.

It can be done so you master it, because it does create almost an ideal environment to preserve consciousness - to let it play out it's game. Let the game play out without having to deal with some emotional problems you might have with the idea of failure, that the human race actually failed in the end. That it was actually consumed by thermodynamic reality. Oh My - and that is the inevitable truth. The universe is going to consume every bit of this canard, this whole lie of doing something that's meaningful besides just shoot ourselves up with the heroin of God or the heroin of ultimate porn. But they're both a heroin of sorts. They're both just a drug. Both just an addiction. Just a notion in your head that needs satisfying. That's all.

There's no notion in reality. That's what the joke is. There's no reality that can justify the existence of a virtual reality, because there's no reality that demands our existence, that demands the existence of 7 billion consciousnesses or 7 trillion consciousnesses, or 7 consciousnesses. There's nothing, nothing in the universe that says what the right number is. There's nothing in the universe that says there has to be anything at all. Nothing. Nothing rational or logical. All that exists is your desire that the Mets win the world series. A desire just made out of culture and your personal, subjective conditioning. A manifestation of a crude hunger for victory that exists inside of you. You're hungry for a win. You'll even take one vicariously. You'll accept winning by having somebody else do the work, and you just feed on their feeding on the spectacle, much like porn I suppose. Just feed on the spectacle.

So I mean that would be an honest description, or discussion of virtual reality is the fact that we wouldn't really need it if we become smart enough to do it well we'll be smart enough to know it's not necessary - that there's no real need to be served in bottling up consciousness and entertaining it, redundantly for the sake of it as we will just exist for the sake of it, because the real context of our existence is that we're just bugs. We're just little machines, perpetuated through a mechanism of evolution to do nothing but fight a stupid war for the "success" of do-over. Do-over, do-over, do it over , do it over, do it again, do it over, do it again. That's all that is going on. There's nothing else happening here.

So anyway that's just kind of the dismal side of the whole subject. The rest of it is just indulging in fantasy. The rest of it is sort of vicariously feeding off of imagining the little worlds that you can play in and imagining all the little things that you can do. It's like imagining Christmas as a kid. You're just indulging in fantasy and wishful thinking and "wantful" thinking. I suppose that's a better way to put it. Instead of recognising the fact it's not something you would want to impose - it's not a cage you'd ever want to build. Better never to have been in a sense, if you're just going to be in a cage. That's where you are now - in a cage of natural reality. You're in the cage of the circumstance of your birth. The circumstance of your culture that maturated you, the one that gave you a language, which one got you attached to an idea it then destroyed and took away.

Much like the whole idea of as Capitalism burns itself out, it kind of gave you this lie that there was a game to play - a place where you coiuld earn your seat somewhere and all that is just evaporating. And then people are addicted to it. They need it.
If it's not there they're going to keep pretending it's there. It's not there. There's no good game to play and it's just time to smell it and reject it. So, i've stated in other videos, the simple minded stupidity of the average human consciousness is the real problem in having a discussion about anything because it doesn't understand the reality it's existing in now.

Most human biengs are idiots. They don't acknowledge realty. They're running from it desperately and and they're running to something without any rational foundation - just absolute crap, silly stories. Really old, silly stories. The oldest kind of book of voodoo - reject medicine - run to the book of voodoo and they're doing it obviously because the prescription of the modern medicine is
"brain - heal thyself" pretty much by curing the need. Eliminate the need and there is no need. No remainder. Nothing left behind.
No negative residue. So anyway, until the next segment, coming up right about now....

38:14 - Gary is in a darkened room.

Whoah...suppose I should do one of these segments from a darker place. We'll sort of have to maybe make up a world, fill in the blank kind of thing. Maybe I should do it in the total dark, maybe with a flashlight - to add to the atmospherics. Add the superficial illusion. We do need that, we need - often we need anyway - rules of aesthetics, things have to fit into our expectation. Something often can't be too simply done and in other places we cut it some slack which is very interesting. The Simpsons, aren't a very well drawn cartoon. People accept that, as it's funny. It's got something else going for it. I suppose so you could do it out of stick figures I guess if it's written well enough. I guess I could argue that this perfromance that I'm doing is neither written well enough or performed well enough. Many of the people who would be against some sort of virtual reality are the very people who demand a very high standard of performance. The people who have the expectations that are extravagant, and some might say - excessive .

The people that demand the value added - the sugar, the sweeteners...all the little subtle crap that isn't really the substance. So that's sort of the joke. The substance of life is the reality of a consciousness. The reality of communicating as consciousnesses with each other, communing in some sort of genuine, real way and I said the people who are supposed to have some reverence for the function of consciousness are the ones most likely to be compelled to act out of superficiality. They won't vote for an ugly President. Everything has to fit into these moulds of their expectations, and it's all about the superficiality and not the substance.

The story has to be told...the cinematography has to be widescreen, big screen cinematography - all the crap right and that's the only way you can provoke emotion out of them is with the trivial, physical dynamics of substance they're claiming to have reverence for which they demonstrate not to take very seriously. So it is just one of those ironies of existence. It's not an irony actually - it's just a fact of human nature. That peope are kind of hypocritical. I don't even like to use the word because I don't even think they do it on purpose. They are so driven by psychology than driven by anything thoughtful. They think so little and they are so reactive you can that see inconsistency will show up - the consequence of a superficial psychological existence. You can see it in those obvious duplicities and double standards that exist. "My religion good - their religion bad". It's just the obvious ones like that. So any conversation about a fake reality where you might want to almost face the world blind and just live experientially - would be a totally viable way of interacting as a consciessness.

I can certainly imagine there being much richness through experience. Just experienceing it as a sensation, as a sound even. Like each sense has a depth we never really get to experience. We're never able to take those senses very far because they're stuck, attached to this body, tied and stuck in this material reality where you can't dive into the sun, or swirl inside a plasma. There are rules of physics and the laws of physics would be too hostile to your senses, so there needs to be a remanufacture, a re-synthesis of your experience, to really get the most out of it. You know - to swim to the bottom of the ocean. To fly in space. To do all these kind of things. To break dimensions, to break limitations. Things we can't do physically but we are able to do them if our consciousness was liberated. We could experience anything from any perspective, theoretically. And clearly, we'd want to be able to - some of us to be able to retain some some natural function, some connection to our origin .

People may want that visceral connection, but I would argue that once they let go of that and become a ghost - become anything - become many things. Form might not be so important. And the experience of consciousness might, there might be, once you've tasted that. Once you've tasted the freedom of not bieng confined, in a skull, in a body, maybe it would be quite liberating to exist as a feeling and not exist as a form. Anyway that's all more expansivenessing on what is the nature of your consciousness and the nature of your consciousness is just a bundle of feelings. A bundle of sensations and the idea of value. Most of what you value are projections of value and that value has to do with some sort of conquest and superiority, playing some alpha competition game. Gaining advantage. Gaining power. Gaining control. And in a virtual world that control can be so expansive, so detailed, so
extensive that maybe exercising control will be more important than possessing control or obtaining control, because it will be so, readily attainable.

Your focus won't be that insecure grasping for control. That desperate grasping. And more and more you will be driven by more sincere and more genuine hungers of your curiosity and your passion and your striving to get deeper and closer and deeper and closer and all kinds of sensations. Anything imaginable and anything unimaginable. Lots of potential for creation of experience. Isn't that all life is? A package of experiences? I certainly could argue that most of them in this material reality are burden-some experiences.
Experiences washing the dishes...bandaging a wound, dealing with a headache, managing your life, managing the physical requirements. Paying the bills to manufacture your phsycial safety - your physical protection, your physical maintenance and in a way that's highly expensive, not only in terms of material cost, in terms of matter having to be manipulated and orchestrated in a shape to suit you - has to conform to your aesthetics usually - fortunately I don't have that problem. I'm not too upset by negative aesthetics, but many people are.

But it's also what it costs. You have to essentially enslave people to finance your comfort But is it free if other people have to manufacture it for you at the expense of their comfort? So, it's very ineffecient. Whereas in a virtual world it costs just as much to make a homeless cardboard shelter as it does the biggest castle in the universe. Those two images, those two realities, those two synthetic realities, require an equal amount of creation energy and so clearly it's all about your preference. And there is no limitation of practicality anymore - you don't have to obey your pancreas or your liver or gravity or the physical material reality of how valuable your skills are in the world, so you can acquire enough wealth to be able to afford a soft enough bed to sleep in.
Or a quiet enough place to put your bed so you can sleep.

So anyway you're already in a fake delusional reality of whatever crap you've made up to live by and you'll lose nothing by giving up on the idea of physically marching your consciousness, through a slow and thick physical reality. A narrow, very poorly drawn, very narrowly drawn reality - almost a trail of tears. When you can take your consciousness anywhere. It's just ludicrous to choose the prison. Yes, it's really just insane to say..yes - give me jail - give me the material jail instead of the wide open immaterial, infinite reality. It is an infinite reality. Synthetic reality is infinite reality. Maybe we should just re-name it and people might like it more. Anyway - till next time.


All right. Summing up kinda sorta where are we. Yes, understand first your psychology is just a thing that needs entertaining. You're just a spectator, consciously, and you're waiting for something good to happen. Where's the good stuff?
Have an adventure. Have something happen that is intriguing and fun, you know like a good smell. Like something that makes
you want for more. Gets you hungry, gets you in the mood. The chase to play along. So you're just after an adventure of some
kind and obviously video games have made that very real for people, in terms of having a life experienece.

Playing a sport even - you know video games are kinda like a sport. Playing this sport that they can control, manipulate - they can change the height of the hoop so to speak. They can change how high the bar is they have to jump over and so they can feel
kind of good about it. Feel good about themselves. Virtual reality just adds another dimension to the gameplay. More levels to play at and it just becomes about meeting in many ways some personal standards of performance and having everything good in terms of the opportunity to win, with minimal loss in terms of any real damage done beyond just having to start over or hit the retry button.

There are so many ways you could format virtual reality again if you're really fixed on having interactions with real people because they have nuance and you think it's more engaging - it certainly would be possible but clearly synthetic. We are pretty easy to synthesise. A human bieng isn't what it used to be in terms of our perception of what we do as a personality, and it's certainly, I think well within our grasp to create synthetic personalitites that don't do much else other than what I'm doing.

You know they just react to stimulus. They hear a sentence - they respond with a sentence. It's not that complicated,
and clearly we can engineer a world for even what might be considered to be sick psychologies. Ones that are broken. Ones that have reverse association or associate other people's pain for some way for them derive pleasure. And they could do it harmlessley. The Nazis can kill all the Jews they want in a virtual reality and no-one really suffers. And I am not saying that it should be the function of virtual reality, but i'm just saying that it is a fact that it really doesn't matter what kind flavour of ice-cream you're eating as long as you're eating ice-cream. It's all the same. It's all synthetic. It's harmless. It just doesn't make any difference.

There's nothing really to achieve in life. You're just achieving an adventure - you're just achieving a state of mind where you feel comfortable with the world that exists, comfortable with your situation, with your position in the world as you've described it. As stated in the beginning of this video - I think I stated it, your current reality is a delusion probably. You've probably gotten a lot of facts wrong about what reality is - and you're already living in a fake world so there's nothing to sacrifice or compromise and to live in the real world is just to live in a world where you'd have to conceede you're basically a psychology that needs, and having that as a thought doesn't do you any good.

It's not much of an adventure to diagnose the human condition as just being an animal organism, parasitic animal organism full of contrived passion and the passion is just contrived to get it to eat sleep fornicate for the purpose of modifying a molecule, creating a more durable organism. Not much to live for there. So again nothing to sacrifice in terms of synthesising something more purposeful, more beautiful - a better delusion to live by. That's what virtual reality promises so the real point is that we
probably won't get there because we don't have enough of a civilization to survive the technology needed to create a good virtual reality. So at best we'll have a sloppy trans-humanistic, augmented fake parts maybe but nothing grand.

With the current civilization, people so obsessed with the maintenance of a heirarchy. Maintenance of an ownership society it probably won't be implemented in some fair access way. The ideal is to find a safe place to store consciousness, and if people
figure out some way to monetize that, then nothing splendid will happen.

So anyway - that's probably enough as a foundation for the subject of virtual reality and the next go around we'll see if we can add a little more character to the conversation and such. A little more entertainment value, perhaps - just talking doesn't do much for most people...anyway...more virtual candy...more dressing...more cosmetic's ironic that what is required for serious conversation is production values. I think that's what is required to have propaganda...Well anyway, until the next subject and such....

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