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animal rights

it is proposed that having a harmable consciousness is a substantial and primary source of Rights

It can be even more authoritatively stated that most of the animals being bred inprisoned tortured and slaughtered for human consumption do possess a harmable consciousness.

it is my claim that this apparent logical inconsistency is real and has rotten roots in nothing more than gluttony and self glorifying rationalizations

the human species has no long biological association with the practice of eating meat

it is just a cruel ignorant game it learned to play with fire. and it's time to grow out of that cruel ignorance

the ethical crime is no better than slavery ..its just exploitation for convenience justified by bigotry

if retarded humans tasted good cooked would you believe it appropriate to breed them and mistreat them to satisfy your arbitrarily acquired food preferences. if you wouldn't, and you defend animal exploitation, then you likely have a logically inconsistent and rationally incoherent understanding of reality. or in other words, you are a duplicitous idiot.



original nature
fire dependent
a conditioned preference .. addiction
no biological necessity
no damage to quality of life

enslavement rape murder abuse

natures cruelty does not justify human cruelty

no defense beyond self-serving rationalization

exploitist mentality ... causing unnecessary suffering

the feeling capacity of most of the organisms we farm and consume is not dissimilar or inferior enough to escape accusations of hypocrisy and duplicity.

specieism more enlightened than nepotism or racism


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