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The Drake Equation

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The Drake Equation


Is there any good reason to believe, or assert, that other life exists in the universe? No



The environment surrounding the creation of a life form contains a very high number of variables ... and that very high number has to be multiplied times the added variables created by time and the fact that an original life form would be the product of a "process" (perhaps many unlikely events) of chemical interactions.

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the Drake equation

Is there reason to believe other life exist in the universe? yes
is there good reason? No

positive evidence
it happened here -- once

negative evidence

In probability analysis one simple produces no useful information regarding future or other occurrence.

no evidence of earlier created (by perhaps billions of years) cosmic civilizations.

no evidence of abiogenesis happening more than once on earth. No alternative DNA or alterative molecular replication... in spite of abundant organic/chemical body parts.

even with the enhancements of technology we can not reproduce the event

cannot yet overcome the barriers to creating any life form, let alone the potential many barriers of complex life forms... (sense organs, nervous systems)


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