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The Right To Die




An individual has a fundamental right to invest their own welfare, in their own judgment and maintaining the ability to say "I want to live" is not placing to high standard on survival.

life is imposed without consent, and once an individual reaches the age of consent, they should be free to contract a different choice.

Along with rewards, living carries great risks and no individual should be coerced or forced to accept those risks.

Suffering is the most valuable commodity in the universe and it should never be endured or imposed unnecessarily

Opposition to a liberal right-to-die is primarily driven by poorly motivated religious zealots who wish to force law to reflect the dogma of their Gods

A right-to-die that that fairly protects all legitimate life supporting motivations of society can be constructed.

It is proposed, upon reaching their 17th birthday all individuals be allowed to name a person to be their "legal guardian" and establish a living will stating whether or not they wish to maintain a legal right to die. At any time in the future the person would be free to revoke any interest in having a right to die, but to regain the right, an individual would be required to go to court and defend the competency of their change of mind. To exercise their right to die an individual would present to an appropriate medical authority the living will affirming their right, and a notarized statement from their guardian verifying they believe the decision to die is competent and appropriate.

Such a system would substantially protect any vulnerable individuals from any momentary bad judgment or pressures and society would be able to fairly project, rather than destroy, a vital liberty interest.


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