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VloggerDome #02 Free-Will & Determinism


The Subject is Free-Will and Determinism.



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Episode #2 played on CANtv Channel 19 (Chicago) on:
October 13 2014 at 10:30pm
October 25th 2014 at 11:00pm
October 28th 2014 at 12:30am


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Published on Sep 10, 2014



(From Gary’s Intro)
Determinism. Or Free Will. First, there is no free, free implies that something is restraining something else, or confining something, so the word doesn’t really mean anything - noting is truly absolutely free. And will is a complex arrangment of stuff inside your brain. So thats where the subject goes all wrong. They thing that, sort of when they talk about themselves, like ‘I am somebody’ - they think about it as though these is a little person inside the brain, and there’s simple no person inside of your brain. There’s stuff inside of your brain. There’s things, air plains, cats, things… And they’re all in certain positions, and you could think of it as a rue Goldberg cascade of things, you can think of it as a mechanism, as a computer, or some other device that does specific things, and these things function quite reliably. Like your hearth beating - it beats everyday, quite reliably, over and over and over again. Liver livers, and brain brains. And your will in a product of brain function. and brains states. What were really talking about and what the subject is really about for most people, is some idea that we have some very liberal, free, ability to choose to be good people. That we have the liberty to choose to go down the right road, instead of the wrong road… An clearly the physical choice exists, the physical option is within our means, we don’t have to be able to grow wings and fly, to do the right thing. But in a sence it’s not going to be there, or it’s not going to be there, in the byproduct. And thats the key word here - byproduct. You are a mechanism, there’s no magical force that wills you to do something, and your inability to tune into the ‘goodness force’ will aagain no be something that happened for some free reason. You know it. You know why you do the right thing, and you know why you do the wrong thing. And it’s not because your free. It’s because you have mecanisms that compel you. one way or another way. Free will is a nonesencical concept, and what the real truth is that the universe is determined, theres a past and a future, the presents an illusion, and things happen because conditions exist one moment, and then the next moment and then the next moment, and they’re cascading conditions. And they are cascading like water falls. Sorry, but that’s just the truth. No magic, no fairys, no fairy god mothers, no gods - no other babble controlling anything. It’s just photons.

(From the old Vloggerdome short.)
On the subject of Free Wiil, there is no Free Will, they’re just made up words, in a cause and effect universe, there’s no room for free anything. Freedom? Free? Free from what? There are only things that are payed for, through cause and effect. Free Will, is an ignorant will, a free will is an uninformed will, what we will do, has been pre-determined by millions, billions, zillions, of interactions between sub atomic matter. The word will implies, that you, have a you choosing. That you have, some kind of entity inside of you that makes choices. You are just, a product of your subcontious. There is no counties choosing. Just subcontious decisions. You are an illusion. You are a byproduct. Of brain function. Brain that interacts with the world, and is changed by it. We are infected and fertilized through interaction. You are changed through interaction and exposure. That creates your will. It’s a case and effect world! The very idea of a you or an I or a me, is a fantacy. It’s a fable we tell ourselves. YOU are subconscious, brain function. YOU are not YOU. YOU decide nothing. YOU are just a witness to what your brain will do. Your brain has a personality, your brain has an identity, you witness what it produces, there is no counties choosing, just subconscious decisions. Inside your brain, concepts compete with each other. Concepts survive a democratic process, that will decide, who and what you become. Ideally, idea will decide. Concepts will decide. Life experience will decide. Natural dispisition will decide. But YOU, YOU decide nothing. Your brain creates, your brain causes, you experience the effect of brain function. Free will would be an ignorant will. Once you learn how to spell a word correctly, your will recognizes incorrect. You don’t have a choice to do it wrong anymore. Intelligence limits will. A connection to the world is just a connection in time. In the longest progression of time, we are just another turn in the gear work. We will be no more than we can be, and no less, than we must be.

(Gary’s segment of the word FREE)
Alright couple of minuets on the word free, as in free will. Free is really just kinda a word, like a lot of words, we just made it up, people, made up the word free. And when they used it they were just saying things like, ‘he’s free from his slavery’ - some sort of un-bounding, some sort of lack of restraint, was implied by the word. So there was always a force that would have been a thing someone would have been liberated from. So freedom was a word of liberation from an obsessor, from something that was confining. So in the context of a conversation about will, your really talking about some un-confined will. where things like knowledge and understanding, wouldn’t be at play. That you somehow, wouldn’t need these things, to conform your will, desire or compulsion… So clearly we can understand that people do because people have a self interest. Because they are self motivated, Motivated by a self interest, by some construct of their need or desire mechanism, that compels them to do something, and we have the expectation, that what they’ll do, is the right thing. So we say their free, that they have the liberty to do the right thing.. Simple counter argument, is something like once you know, that 2+2=4, your no longer free to believe that it equals 5 or 7 or 17 or 700 - your now confined. You have no freedom. So you have the right answer, and the right answer has confined you knowledge has confined you, knowledge restricts you, it lessons your options, it doesn’t expand your options, in a very practical way. Obviously knowledge of mechanics can give you power to create things, and do things, but then there’s the other side, that once you know something, that you can’t unknown it. realistically. You have no liberty, once you know what the wrong thing is, to do the wrong thing. And thats really the different between people who do the right thing and people who do the wrong thing. It’s knowledge, of that things reality.

(Gary’s segment of the word WILL)
Couple of minuets of the subject of will. Will is brain. And brain is mechanism, and the mechanism has parts, parts are physiological, hardwhear and lots of softwear, lots of programing, conditioning, life experience. We see how our will changes and we see how long it takes us to learn leastons in life.. It can take decades sometimes, to come to some realizations and the will is just a byproduct of counties phenomenon, we feel it, like I’m going to do it, but then theres many times we have to think about something, will they want to do this? You can come up with sonorous like gambling, what pushes you what makes you roll the dice, whatever the thing would be, and you can feel the tension created inside of your brain, as the different mechanisms, the different parts of your self, says now, and another part say, ‘no wait a second’. And they just don’t agree. And it;s not until something, some mechanism in that fight tips the balance one way or another, with a piece of evidence, some kind of knowledge like, ‘you better roll the dice everyone is watching you, your gunna look like an idiot’ some sort of realization some sort of conseptual notion will tip the balance - but all of that happens subcousionsly… Speaking, the very act of comosing sentenses - we have no idea what we are going to say before we say it. There may be an idea to what will end up coming out of our mouths, but we don’t do any of it, it all simply flies out - personality is just stuff flying out of you - the I, the witness, is not making anything happen. So another way of looking at it, if your honest with yourself, you can see it that your contagiousness is kind of a witness to your behavior, you behave, and you kind of witness it. The cat makes a sound, we look, these are all reflexes, all reactions, just like you, you aid, oh I did that. Cats have a cat will, a composition of his brain, that has him behaving like a cat, humans have a construction based on a simian blueprint, we were compelled by a certain set of desires and physiological mechanisms- and our behavious is semi reliable, from persona;cities its very reliable. (I had trouble hearing a some stuff here.) I’m a product of my personality and my personality is a product of my life experience.

(Old Vloggerdome Video on Contiousness, the one of the eye ball)
On the subject of Contiousness. Contagiousness is a brain function, that like all like all biological functions, has existence because it provided cirumstancial advantage, in a compedative struggle of evolutionary natural selection. Contagiousness is produced, by an arrangement of material substance, but the substance of contagiousness is likely just an illusion. Or projection, synthetically produced in what just might be tamed as the theature of the mind. The main components of contaousness are feelings and thoughts. It can be reasonably metaphored, that feelings attempt to represent or create, value. in circumstances. And that thoughts attempt to resolve those values, by running logical equations. An extension of the function of contaiousness humans, has allowed them to do logical equations, judging the credibility of the value designations, Applies by their own feeling brain. Through this mechanism. Humans can rise above crude qualities of native selfish disposition and conditioning, and to some extent, humans can think themselves into a more accurate or if need be functional, feeling disposition. Human contagiousness, although biologicaly created, can become substantial programmed by knowledge that is evolving out side the bounds of biological evolution. Although feeling have personal motivational power, accurate conceptual understanding, acquired through thought excurcise and knowledge acquisition is the real power of the human contagiousness. The knowledge held in human contagiousness, is an evolving filter. Now empowered, to ship the important thueths, from the sea of meaningless rambling, that is the universe.

(Gary’s segement on the word CHOICE.)
On the subject of the world choice. Bains decide, they don’t choose. We can choose to be very close to clump of bees. Knowledge gives up the ability to choose, to decide to attempt that fate. If a scenario was set up in which you had to jump some kind of barrier, and if you miss fall into a vat of crocodiles… Well, if the jump is only a foot, your brain may decide to jump it if you were given $50. But there will be some point where the gap will be wide enough, where you will choose not to jump for the $50. You will decide it’s not worth it. The risk would be to high. But it’ll be a decision your brains makes. It’ll be a decision based on what you understand about the likelyhood of you succeeding vs. how necessary it is not to fail. The neccessity of not failing, and how much you need $50. All these things will decide, how you tempt your fate, and play with the danger. Choice is a word we use, again all words are invented by human beings, but you really don’t make choices, your brain makes decisions. based on different interests, balanced on a scale, build into your personality, your phycology. And as we notice in life, people have different scales based on how much they’re afraid of the negative potential consequences of tempting the fate, and how much they need to tempt the fate. How much they need to play the game. And thats how the decisions will be made. So choice is sort of an illusion, a sort of phony word, decision is the real word, and decisions are a product of the process, that makes the decision.

(Gary’s segement on the word REFLEX.)
On determinism, free will, from the perspective of a concept like reflex. It certainly could be argued that everything we do, is a byproduct of a reflex, word associations, the reflex of catagarizing things. Categories are reflex of out brain, beyond all the mechanical reflexes of physical reflexes that are hard wired into our brain, pain sensations, the reflex of getting away - those are obviously just so visceral and mechanical. They are very controlling. So there should be some disodence in your head with the concept of the word free. When you can see everything about yourself as so controlled. You are controlled in your responses by the stimulus. You have connections. If A and B are both on, then C is put on the on position - is basically the logic of all these reflexes. So we combine features, and we create categories, and then the category becomes a property, and then that property becomes something that might get you put in a new category, and it’s just a bunch of reflexive connections, collecting little moth butterflies other insects, insects are related to crustaceans in the ocean. The connections go on and on, the reflexive reactions, conceptual reactions, and there just as real, knee jerk or funny elbow thing, physiological reactions like laughter or being ticklish - those are all reflexes, and most of it is very controlling. Some of it’s ontrolling in a sense that it with create a desire, and amount of hunger, like you’ll be really hungry, or just a little bit hungry. But all these responses, and all these reactions that take place, are just a mechanical process, based on the disposition created inside of your mind space. But theres bi entity that makes a choice, the choosing is based on the disposition, the properties of those reflexes in terms of how they have been educated to understand. You have to be educated to understand that theres no relationship between insects and crustations. Or even humans and fish. These are things that require education to know . They’re reflexive reactions your not going to have, unless you have been disposed to reflexively have that reaction

(Gary’s segement on the word PREDICTABILITY.)
On the word Predictability. Kind of a tricky word. predictability or Prediction or predictive… How much of what we are, can we see in this idea of prediction, where we could anticipate or understand that we’re gunna do a certain thing, that we would see something, ‘oh yes that would make a good background’ Simple calculation.. And we sort of already know, that about ourselves, that is someone was to ask me a hundred questions - what would you do in this circumstance, those questions I would sort of know the answer to, kind of quickly, you would have an impression about what kind of person you are, you kinda know from your past behaviour what kind of decisions your going to make… So we are very structured. So thats another bit of evidence that there really is a lack of randomness or freedom in how we behave, we behave very consistent with what we have accepted as an understanding of the world and how it functions, and how I’m - the brain - is supposed to navigate, is the proper way to navigate. We all have the kind of a definition inside of ourselves. And we all kind of know - that yeah we don’t really do anything erratic unless there’s a cause make us erratic. Something to break. That natural function. I think so people could know pretty realistically what they would do when they are drunk. Because they kind of know the theme of what is the repression thats trying to get out or the animal - what part of them, what part of their personality might be more dominant when they are inebreated. They might be able to predict that pretty reliably what you would do if you were drunk in a circumstance. So when you add up all these little pieces, it all adds up to, kinda a mechanical device, with very little room, no room, reasonably, rationaly, for some notion that theres something else besides the condition that your in. Your in a condition and you’ve been brought to that condition, through years of experiecne with the world. And you’ve learned how to be a certain personality.. And your going to behave consistently with that personality. Simple enough.

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