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VloggerDome #01: THE T.V. SHOW

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VloggerDome #01: THE T.V. SHOW


The Subject is Vloggerdome.


First episode of Vloggerdome.




First uploaded to the Vloggerdome channel on: Aug 8, 2014
Vloggerdome Episode #1 played on CanTV Channel 19 in Chicago on:
September 6th 2014 at 11pm
September 17th 2014 at 11pm
September 27th 2014 at 12:30am
October 1st 2014 at 12:30am




Web video/Public Access TV




Digital Video



Music by Amanda Oldphan Sukenick


Les U. Knight of VHEMT:
Full Un-Edited Conversation


Les U. Knight





Vloggerdome is, two ideas enter, one idea leaves. There is a truth, and it is accessible. And the truth can be proven by argument and evidence. Vloggerdome seeks to let the truth have it’s day. All the truth needs is a fair fight, and the truth will win, and it will be the possession of the future.

The why is about compromise, compromise is the enemy here. If we’re doing and kind of thinking about reality and thinking and solutions and problems - Comrimise with wrong answers is doom. Taking the truth and deluding it with pretty much anything else, is to ruin it and break it utterly… To rob it of it’s value. The world needs better answers, the world needs logical answers. And it’s not going to get them if we keep taking every solution and compromising it with lies and cheets and stealing and knavery and illogic, and nonsense. Nonesence must be masterblastered out of social policy, and social perception. There needs to be decisiveness, and persuasion and certainty, in how the human race functions. And that can’t happen in at atmaspher where to many men have to many sticky and knitting fingers on the agenda buttons. There’s got to be some kind of croscensus around reality.

One the subject of free will. You are just a programed thing. There is no such thing as a free anything. YOU brain, is just a bi-product of circumstances, your just a reflexive organ, things happen to you, they build character in you, they dent you they change you, they scar you, make you what you are… They create the process that is your end result, your passion or desire, will… And you’ll understand or not that its important not to be a jerk.. You either have it or you don’t, your sensitive or insensitive because you how you’ve acquired your running instructions, what buttons have been pressed on you, in your experience here on earth, combined with, native, genetic, construction… The variability is based on what happens to you.. And thats all we are. We’re just reflexes, we’re just byproduct. There is no product, theres just us reacting to the world, based on what springs have been compressed in side of us. Freedom is an idiotic notion. People are still responsible for their actions, you must still hold the responsible for the sake of deterrent. The future is the only thing that matters.

On the subject of the education system. Education is really easy to fix. In the current system, we’re paying performance artists to redundantly do the same thing over and over and over again, in all these different institutions, all over the world…. Do it once, do it well, record it, make it availible to everyone - free access, and pay them to learn it. Instead of paying teachers, instead of paying an industrial complex, pay the students! And pat they well, and you’ll get results. take half the budget of what we spend on education now, and provide it as reward money for when students pass a GED style test. How could that not work? How would you not have high school graduates at 10 years old? Give people the incentive to learn, and the will learn. Make people hungry for knowledge. It would completely change the culture. You can radically change the nature of the human animal, by rewarding it in a way that makes sense. Pay the students. They’re the ones doing the work, pay them to do the job and to do it well.

On the subject of The Right To Die. Quite odviosly, a sensible, civilized right. The only way you could contrive an opposition it by some notion of a god, or some judgmental force, that would find objection to us insulting creation, by refusing to eat every last bite, and getting up from the table politely and leaving when you feel the most comfortable doing so. Thinking that life is a meal, and god is the chef, I should have the right to say gods a shitty cook. To put it simply, the only real obstacle in the way of the Right To Die is religions bigoted crazy people, who believe that their fables and their fairy tales should control your life and what you do whith your death - it is obnoxious and groseque to use fairy tales to dictate how people should live. For ignorant people to tell enlightened people, what they are or are not going to be allowed to do with their own existence. And the fact that many intelligent people just benignly say, well, I’ll never need the right, and in doing so never fight for it, and let it slide. So nothing gets fixed. There are mechanisms we can put in place to make certain that the decision to kill ones self will not be done in some rash way. There are safety nets we can put in place that will catch sick people who really want to live to receive treatment, to not make a decision while not in there right mind, yet still allow the rest of us to have out right to a graceful exit. This subject is way past due to get done. It is one of the grandest imbacilities of our culture, that it does not see fix to grant us the simple curtosy of a graceful painless death.

On the subject of Democracy. Its a system, where what we all want from our Democracy is pretty much just a fair fight. Its like a trail, or some other system of deciding a truth, deciding a fate, and just the ability to make a fair argument. Our democracy does not provide that. All it gives us is two bad choices, and the burden of having to figure out which one is worst than the other one. And we’re horrifically stuck with that. And often the lesser of the two evils, calls himself your representative. How many of us can honesty say that we have every had a congressman? A true representative, thats representing a true individual, that that individual has voted on? Fixing our democracy is fairly easy, though there may be little you can do to rid percential elections of the winner takes all reality. This however is not the case with legestalive bodies. It dose not have to be winner takes all, it can be only affirmative votes gets you in, so everyone wins - everybody gets a representative. And you can do that just by making adjustments to the whole geographic democracy that we have today - where we vote based on our georgaphy, not on our ideology. A democracy in which conflicting ideologies can openly disagree and be equaly represented, is necessary for our civilization.

On the subject of animal rights - perhaps better stated as, Sentient Respect. Respecting Sentient creatures, and not being grotesque in our taking of one sentient welfare, over the conveninece of out exploitation. Our desendents were not meat eaters. It was only with the introduction of fire that eating meat became at all a viable option. It is not in fact, something that we need to do, it’s something people choose to do, and something people become addicted to doing, through the acquisition of bad habits. But we certainly can choose to have different habits. For the sake of the future, they could choose better - billions of people already do. There is simply no reason to torment and torture animals for the benefit of our ill gotten gratification and gain, beyond what is absolutely necessary. Would;t that be a nice standard, if you were going to be tortured? Wouldn’t you like the standard to be, only done on the basis of absolutely necessary? This is a horowingly simple subject, in the sense that it’s nothing but rationilizations - desperate rationalizations, on the part of meat eaters keeping them engaged in their activity, just rationalizations and addictions. Theres really no reason or excuse beyond bigotry, to minimize the meaning of an animals suffering. Its simply convenient. And so people do it. Convenient to their selfishness.

On the subject of economics. Its all about having a fair system. Fair economics. A rational system, and earned system. Insentivised to do the right thing. Not steal and cheer and lie. Inheritace, nepotism, cronyism are completely the opposite of fair. All the negatives that exist in our styes… Its about who you know, not what you know… None of that has to exist, we have chosen it because no one has fixed it. We don’t need a lotery, we don’t need to be incentives so insanely to do the right thing… You should have to earn it. Its not socialism, but you simply don;t need billion airs. They are not efficiant, they don’t produce anything, they squander resources, on insane investments, on small print lawyers, deceptions. More non-for profit businesses, that can serve most of our needs, without needing to pay interest, indebtedness to people who want a paycheck for doing no work…

On the subject of DOOM. You are doomed. Thats just a fact. The human race will be tuned into photons, eventually. The universe will annihilate us all. Not a single piece of eveidence of our existance will eventually remain. It will consume the earth, everything that we are, all out complexity, it’s all going to go away. Someday. Through some natural process. Maybe sooner than later, who knows when for sure. But along the way, there’s lots of inevitable problems, probabilistic, termination events, that are essentially sitting out there, probabalistaicly waiting for their turns to explode. That is sadly the sword of Damocles all of sentience sleeps under at night. We can say it till we are blue in the face - ‘We will survive the future! But will violence and technology allow that to happen? Our civilization will be doomed much sooner than out physical bodies, because we have no capacity to learn for past history, and learn that we are basically animals, and we must be properly caged. The much preferred anarchy of freedom to follow desires every whim, and ro do whatever we wish, frankly can do nothing else but lead us to murder each other. Invest in total freedom, and die. Maybe it won’t be you that dies, but your children certainly. You have sentences them to death, perpetual debt. Transhumanism and virtual reality are not real solutions, they re entertainment devices. Just tools of making us less capable of causing harm, but not solving the problem of harm it’s self. They assist our survivability a little longer. But the basic animal is just an animal. It just needs a TV to watch, and it’s all rather dismal and horrid.

On the subject of God. The fable that won’t die. The first bad science, and saddly the last to be erased. It was a good guess, long ago, by those living in utter ignorance of the real world… Wiyjout the knowledge that we arrived here on earth as just dumb animals, and that we evolved here on earth, and we had to acquire knowledge of the earth. As the questions human beings stated to have about our world grew more complex, and at time when there were simply no good answers - Why does it thunder? Why is it raining? What is disease? Why do we suffer? - these were all questions no one had good answers to. So we invented cartoon characters in the sky, that are manipulating us like puppets, for their entertainment.. But they’re just inventions… Its absolute and complete phantasy, and has nothing to do with anything real that ever happened. There was no rising of the dead, there where no people living in whales, or people building archs filed with all the animals, there was none of that crap. people need to grow up and face reality. This being alive thing, really sort of is serious business, the welfare of literally billions and billions of sentient organisms is dependantt on how we react to this reality. And if what your reacting to are ghost and fables and boogy men, and all the things that aren’t really there, You simply will not be responding to the game in a way that makes any sense. And that can only lead to wasted harm. Wasted suffering being produced by your inaccurate understanding. God is a lie. A silly, old, archaic, stupid, loser of a story. Its time to let it go people.

And now for the most important subjects, one the subjects of Antinatalism and EFILism. Simply put, the simple pragmatic logic of first do no harm. Clean up the messes that already exist, don’t make more. Don’t play with fire, don’t get a job above your skill level, don’t play Frankenstei - just don’t procreate. The easiest way you can clean up a mess, is not to make it in the first place. Don’t have kids. You don’t have the right to play with another persons contagiousness. You don’t have the right to impose. Inject the heroin of your optimism into your own arm, do not assume that your offspring will thank you for forcing them to exist. Life affirmation is not something you should have the right to project on to your progeny. Mind your own business, live your own life - at minimum, do what you can to clean up the suffering thats already here, and quit pretending that your qualified to indulge in sentient art making.

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